Newsletter February 2018
The newest Actigraph newsletter is here. This month's letter explains some more studies done with Actigraph. Like the effects of intradialytic exercise on daily physical activity and sleep quality in maintenance hemodialysis patients. Or read all about objectively measured physical acitivity of hospital shift workers.  Check the full newsletter here: Newsletter February 2018 Read more
Newsletter 2 - January 2018
The newest Actigraph letter is mainly about the impact of physical activity on adolescent memory and brain development. The study is based on accelerometer data that is collected for over 7 days. Want to read the whole outcome? Check this months newsletter here: Actigraph newsletter 2 january 2018.  The newsletter also holds a recipe for quinoa and tells more about exercise and gut bacteria.  Read more
Newsletter - January 2018
Happy new year! The January newsletter shows you the newest studies done with Actigraph. This month is about:  - Association of physical activity with lung function in lung-healthy German adults: results from the KORA F4 study - Are habitual runners physically inactive?    And more!  Want to read the whole newsletter? You can find it here:  Newsletter January 2018 Read more
Newsletter - December 2017
The December newsletter from Actigraph is here. This month's newsletter is about the influence of exercise on cardiovascular health in sedentary adults with human immunodeficiency virus. Besides this article there is also an article about the relationship between physical activity and clinical outcomes after ACL reconstruction. Want to read the whole newsletter?  Newsletter December 2017 Read more
Newsletter - November 2017
This months newsletter shows all kind of studies that were done lately. One of the studies is about Accelerometer derived physical activity and sedentary time by cancer type in the United States. Other topics that are adressed are: knee osteoarthritis, Alzheimers and effects of intensity and amount of exercise on measures of insulin and glucose. Want to read about all the studies? You can find the... Read more
Newsletter - October 2017
The newest Actigraph newsletter is all about Dose of physical activity, physical functioning and disability risk in mobility-limited older adults. Besides that, there are a couple other articles about research with the Actigraph accelerometer. If you want to read them, check the website version off the newsletter here.  Read more
Newsletter 2 - September 2017
The newest newsletter from Actigraph is about early sleep issues and how they can predict cognitive disorders later in life. Besides that there is news about ginger and exercise safety in CKD patients. Want to read the whole newsletter? Check it out here: Read more
Actigraph Newsletter September 2017
The Actigraph September Newsletter is all about physical activity. If you want to read more about the physical activity and the quality of life and activity patterns in infants with and without Down Syndrome, read the web version of the newsletter here: webversion Actigraph newsletter September 2017 Read more
Newsletter August 2017
The news Brief from Actigraph is here again! This month they will be discussing the following subjects:  Physical activity in pediatric pulmonary arterial hypertension How physical exercise prevents dementia Objectively measured physical activity and kidney function in older men Active for Life with COPD The complete newsletter can be found here: News Brief August Read more
Newsletter June 2017
The latest Actigraph news of the month June. This newsletter is about exercise after cancer treatment. Besides that there is also some news about beets and how it's easy to spot a concussion. More information?  Click here for the newsletter in English Read more
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