Solutions for Sleep

Reliable In-Home Sleep/Wake Assessment

ActiGraph actigraphy monitors are among the most widely used and extensively validated devices of their kind. Our clients benefit from a wide range of innovative features, including Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology and real-time data access, that optimize the capabilities of the research or clinical team while improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the data collection initiative. 

Advanced Sleep/Wake Analytics & Logistics Support

ActiGraph’s ActiLife software platform was developed in collaboration with the scientific community to deliver flexible, high quality sleep/wake and daytime activity measures derived from validated industry standard equations. ActiLife offers a robust selection of advanced sleep/wake analysis and reporting tools, and our new cloud-based CentrePoint System integrates seamlessly with ActiLife to provide near real-time access to site and subject data and solve the logistical challenges associated with multi-site studies.

Comparability with Benchmark Data

As one of the most widely used actigraphy monitoring system in the world, implementation of ActiGraph solutions within your research or clinical project means collected data is comparable to benchmark population data collected in numerous large scale epidemiology studies conducted around the world, including the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the Women’s Health Study, and the NAKO German National Cohort. 

Advanced Sleep Analytics
ActiGraph’s ActiLife software contains a robust selection of customer-driven sleep analysis tools including selectable and custom scoring algorithms, automatic bed times detection and PLM scoring, designed to optimize the utility of the system.