Solutions for Clinical Trials

Improved Data Quality, Safety and Cost Effectiveness
Objective information about real world patient behavior is a valuable resource to researchers and physicians involved in phase I-IV clinical trials. Endpoints related to subjects’ daily activity and sleep are powerful quality of life indicators that can provide vital, measurable insight into the therapeutic value of an investigational treatment and help identify possible adverse events during intervention.

ActiGraph custom clinical trials solutions link patients, physicians, researchers and sponsors through a synchronized software and mobile communication platform, delivering accurate, relevant and timely information to each participant group. This system of secure, automated data capture, transfer and management frees up resources and reduces errors, meaning that studies run more effectively and efficiently.

Optimize Patient Enrollment
Objective physical activity and sleep behavior profiles help the research team identify the most qualified patient candidates during the recruitment process.

Increase Patient Safety
Objective health measures delivered in near real time allow the study team to quickly identify subtle behavioral indicators of drug efficacy or potential adverse events during intervention.

Improve Data Quality
Augment subjective patient reported outcome data with continuous objective measures to increase contextual meaning and enhance overall data quality.

Make Timely Desicions
In-field remote monitoring of objective patient data helps the study team detect unfavorable outcomes quickly and make critical, cost saving decisions on the future of a trial.